Development Capabilities

At Malibu Aerospace, we provide a wide range of development capabilities that offer creative, usable enhancements for Piper aircraft. Our custom solutions are backed by decades of experience, and are guaranteed to fit your needs. 

The experts at Malibu utilize advanced technologies that improve the performance, safety, and efficiency of every airplane that comes through our hanger, to ensure each project remains on schedule and on budget. Our capabilities are engineered to maximize utilization and cost effectiveness for your aircraft. 


Component Design & Development

Our dedicated staff of engineers, DARs, and DERs have decades of experience in designing and developing aircraft components, electrical systems, and avionics. From engine redesign to LED lighting, the experts at Malibu Aerospace can enhance nearly every component or system on your aircraft.

If you have a specific component that needs design and development, contact us for more information.


Structural Design & Analysis

At Malibu Aerospace, we incorporate top line CAD and FEA software into every project we work on for exact specificity in designing appropriate solutions. Our test aircraft are heavily instrumented, and our custom Data Acquisition Systems measure all conceivable data points, which identify deficiencies and inform our engineering solutions.

Contact Malibu Aerospace for research, design, or development solutions.


Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Our engineering staff developed a series of effective data acquisition systems that collect, organize, evaluate, and present complex data for various aeronautics projects. We are well equipped to work with other aviation equipment integrators to accomplish the same great results.

Get in touch with Malibu Aerospace for more information.


Aircraft Interior Component Design

At Malibu Aerospace, we create custom interior cabinets for PA-46 aircraft. Our process for testing and receiving approval for single or multiple installations will expedite construction and improve cost-effectiveness.

If you’d like to discuss the possibility for re-imaging your aircraft interior, contact Malibu Aerospace.


Electrical System Design

We have experience in designing, developing, and constructing complex electrical systems that meet the strict requirements of the aviation industry. At Malibu Aerospace, our system and logic are well accepted by the Piper, FAA, and other industry professionals.

If you have an electrical system that requires professional guidance, contact us for support.


Project Management

At Malibu Aerospace, we manage projects with accuracy and understanding. From conception through budgeting, research, production, and support, our deeply involved Operations Manager ensures your project stays on schedule and budget. No matter the scope or scale of your project, our approach remains the same – to provide you with excellent service and dedication to improving the performance, safety, and efficiency of your aircraft.

Get in touch with the professionals at Malibu Aerospace to learn more about our process.


Aircraft Upgrades

Malibu Aerospace has experience gaining Standard Type Certificate (STC) approval for products and managing certification programs for aircraft manufacturers. Our engineers are among the most experienced and accomplished on PA-46 aircraft, and we offer cost-effective solutions for the development and certification of new components or entire aircraft.

Contact Malibu Aerospace to turn your aircraft ideas into reality.


DER/DAR Services

Our engineering staff manages a wide range of design, testing, and certification projects. At Malibu Aerospace, we craft interior component design, engine and accessory modification, and major airframe and systems improvements. We work with Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DAR) and Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) frequently for many services performed at Malibu Aerospace. We also have airworthiness inspection capabilities for conformity inspections, manufacturing inspections, standard or experimental inspections, and export certificates.

Contact us for more information on our DER/DAR expertise.


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