Malibu's Mission and Values

We strive for perfection.

At Malibu Aerospace, we're committed to improving your Piper aircraft. From STC upgrades to annual inspections and repair, our industry experts raise the bar for spectacular service that delivers on time and on budget. 


Malibu Aerospace serves the aircraft industry by providing world-class service in maintenance, engineering, design, and troubleshooting. We consistently develop new technology and products that improve the usability and safety of aircraft. This penchant for innovation fuels our commitment to crafting maintenance solutions that are fully comprehensive and stunningly efficient.

Our strategic partnerships with industry manufacturers and vendors ensure that Malibu Aerospace is always on the cutting edge. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, we’re committed to providing high caliber expertise for all types of PA-46 owners and operators. 


At Malibu Aerospace, we set the standard for quality in performance, safety, and efficiency. Our highly specialized industry experience with Piper aircraft allows us to develop innovative solutions and implement new technologies that exceed expectations.
Our knowledge and passion for flying drive us to maximize utilization and cost-effectiveness for owners and operators of Piper aircraft. The dedicated team at Malibu Aerospace is committed to elevating the potential of great aircraft.

A transparent process and devotion to our customers guarantee spectacular service. With meticulous maintenance techniques, top-notch engineering, and Malibu Advantage Software we achieve quality at every step.


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