Malibu Advantage

We developed the Malibu Advantage software in 2012 to combat the industry-standard and cumbersome software that many competitors use to diagnose and maintain Piper aircraft. Our software is agile and efficient, which allows us to service your airplane with cost-effective and accurate solutions. We work directly with Piper aircraft daily, and will inspect every bolt and rivet to determine the exact condition of your airplane. The Malibu Advantage software compiles research, inspection records, performance data, and service recommendations to generate fully comprehensive maintenance strategies that increase the performance, safety, and efficiency of your PA-46 aircraft.

At Malibu Aerospace, our top priority is providing conscientious, solution-driven services and products. Our inspection and maintenance personnel have specific component expertise that facilitates rigorous pre-inspection and post-maintenance testing. The Malibu Advantage software averages 15 percent savings in labor during annual inspections and repairs. Our software is the most meticulous aggregator in the industry, currently tracking more than 900 different discrepancies and over 80,000 SB, SL, AD, and Special Inspections (SI). We use the Malibu Advantage software to process work orders, document pictures, and translate advice from within the system. Once enrolled, you can log in at any time to view master compliance, log books, invoices, check work order job status, and update Hobbs meter.

At Malibu Aerospace, we set the industry standard. We submit discrepancy data to our manufacturers for improved reliability, and to promote technology improvements for aircraft enthusiasts of all types. We’re committed to making the Piper aircraft better.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the Malibu Advantage Software can revolutionize your inspection and maintenance projects, contact the dedicated staff at Malibu Aerospace.


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