Malibu's Principles

At Malibu Aerospace, we’ve implemented a process that incorporates our most-valued principles: we listen, research, design, test, and deliver. Over the years, we’ve refined that process so that we can consistently deliver aviation solutions and services of the highest quality and efficiency. Learn more about our principles and our time-tested process:


As pilots and aviation enthusiasts ourselves, equipped with decades of industry knowledge, the experts at Malibu Aerospace understand both the needs of the individual owner-pilot and the stresses of corporate operations. Because we are deeply involved with pilots, owners, and operators who face similar challenges, we recognize the true strengths and weaknesses of the aircraft we fly. We listen and tailor our process to confront real-world challenges with proven solutions.  


Our ability to craft effective solutions depends on thorough research. The experts at Malibu Aerospace have decades of industry experience in analyzing aircraft deficiencies, and understand that time spent conducting research will result in lower costs and higher reliability. Our respect for Piper airplanes drives us to better understand every single component so that we can better maintain and improve each aircraft. The Malibu Aerospace Data Acquisition system allows us to monitor hundreds of parameters of your aircraft during STC testing and development to perfectly measure under real-world conditions.


Malibu Aerospace is renowned for innovative improvements on others’ systems that simply don’t live up to our standard. Comprehensive engineering resources and experience, fuel our creativity to develop new solutions that improve the performance, safety, and efficiency of PA-46 airplanes. From our Turbine Compressor Wash Kit and M5 STC to the Malibu Advantage software used to diagnose deficiencies, we push the envelope to refine the industry standard.  


We fly hundreds of hours each year to test our designs and gather data. For each hour in flight, we spend dozens more on the ground designing new tests, analyzing performance, and reviewing metrics. Our strategically disciplined approach ensures accuracy and safety. If you have a development program under consideration, our team of highly professional engineers and project managers will work with you to craft swift and cost-effective solutions.


At Malibu Aerospace, integrity is at the core of everything we do. Expertise, ideas, and engineering are useless if we don’t deliver high quality, effective solutions on time and on budget. Our dedicated team works with you, backed by research, engineering, and maintenance resources that deliver. Contact us to learn more about our expertise and proven track record.


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