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How do I schedule my annual?

We recommend scheduling your annual inspection and maintenance as soon as you know when you would like to have your plane in the shop. Call Brad Ludlow at 763-536-9553 ext. 102, or email


How much does an annual cost?

The type of aircraft you own will determine the base price of your annual inspection. Please contact Malibu Aerospace for more information about your specific aircraft.


How long does an annual take?

An annual can vary in time depending upon what is found in the initial inspection, and the scope of work that is approved on the work order. Please contact Brad Ludlow for details on your annual timeframe.


Are there hotels nearby?

Yes, there are many hotels nearby. We are located at the Anoka County Airport (KANE) and have partnered with multiple area hotels to offer corporate rates. You can contact Brad Ludlow to coordinate lodging.


How far away is MSP?

Malibu Aerospace is located 30 miles north of MSP. We can provide transportation or make other transportation arrangements.


How far away is downtown Minneapolis?

Malibu Aerospace is located 20 minutes from downtown Minneapolis.


Where can I rent a car?

There are multiple rental car agencies nearby, including Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Located near the Anoka County Airport and Malibu Aerospace, Enterprise provides convenience and excellent service for our clients. Call Brad Ludlow at 763-536-9553 ext. 102, or email for more information.


Can you refuel my aircraft?

Malibu Aerospace is located at the Anoka Airport. Lynx FBO offers full-service and self-serve Jet A and 100LL fuel on the field. Contact Lynx FBO for current prices.


Do you provide ferry service?

Yes! Malibu Aerospace provides pick-up and drop-off services for a fee that includes pilot and travel expenses.


What is the MAC Fee?

Malibu Aerospace is located at the Anoka County Airport, a part of the Minneapolis Airport Commission or MAC. The MAC is responsible for maintaining, developing, and staffing the International Airport (MSP) and six reliever airports in the Minneapolis Metro. The MAC Fee is one of many ways the MAC funds their operation.The MAC Fee is 1.5 percent of the total sale of any goods or services that originates from any of the seven airports. Malibu Aerospace intentionally puts the MAC Fee on a separate line item so that all information regarding the billing of our customers is fully disclosed. If you have any more questions regarding the MAC Fee, please feel free to contact Malibu Aerospace.


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