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Turbine Compressor Wash Kit

Low Cost Pratt & Whitney Turbine Compressor Wash Kits

Malibu Aerospace is now offering economical compressor wash kits for turbine aircraft owners and FBOs that need the ability to perform compressor and compressor turbine washes without spending thousands or tens of thousands of dollars and having to store large wash carts that only get used on an intermittent basis. 2We designed the dual tank system for use on our own JetPROP and designed the single tank system to satisfy the need for owners and smaller FBOs to be able to perform compressor and compressor turbine rinses after operating in and around salt water marine environments and still have the capability to do full periodic chemical washes and rinses.  We offer 3-gallon and 5-gallon single and dual tank kits that meet Pratt & Whitney compressor wash pressure requirements at prices starting at $1,295.

Why is it important to perform periodic compressor washes, or rinse after operating in salt water environments?  Well, during operation in low altitude smog or salt-air conditions, the airborne contaminants will accumulate on the compressor blades and compressor turbine blades, along with the sulfur found in jet fuel, react and cause accelerated sulfidation that can cause corrosion in nickel and cobalt based alloys found in turbine engines.  Due to the heat generated during normal  engine operation, airborne water will vaporize and leave contaminants throughout the engine.  Performing a wash or rinse using a high pressure wash ring/atomizer and motoring the engine with the starter will mobilize and remove the contaminant buildup, preventing very costly damage to internal engine components.  Large fleet operators,(such as FedEx),  that base and operate turboprop aircraft near the ocean often perform compressor and turbine washes on a daily basis.  Also if your engine has the magnesium intake housing, (all PT6 engines that have the oil level sight glass), such as on the Malibu Meridian, you are especially prone to intake housing corrosion, which can be a frequent and expensive problem.  While nothing can guarantee that corrosion will not develop, rinsing on a regular basis can greatly reduce the development of corrosion due to contamination by the atmosphere you fly in.

Single Tank System - Starting at $1,295

3-gallon tankOur single tank system is small, simple and convenient for fast and efficient washes and rinses and it connects directly to the aircraft mounted intake wash ring or compressor turbine wash wand.  It is ideal for water rinses after operating in a salt water environment, but can also be used for complete chemical washes as well.  Available in three and five gallon sizes for portability and convenience.  On average, a single wash or rinse cycle will use approximately two gallons, so the small tank is adequate with refills between cycles, while the large tank can be filled once and used for both rinse cycles. 

    Three gallon unit, including wash hose -  $1,295

    Five gallon unit, including wash hose -  $1,395

Dual Tank System - Starting at $2,050

Dual Tank SystemThe dual tank system is designed for individuals or FBOs that want a more substantial system that can be prepared once and have the capacity and features to perform an entire chemical wash and two rinse cycles without the need for changeover or refilling.  The switch from wash to rinse is as simple as the change of a valve.

    Dual three gallon unit with wash hose -  $2,050

    Dual five gallon unit with wash hose -  $2,250

    *(Optional) Compressor Turbine Wand, plus extra hose -  $595.00