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Malibu's Principles


At Malibu Aerospace, we’re pilots too.  We operate our aircraft like many other owners – Minneapolis to Miami for vacation; Dallas to Denver for a client meeting, and back in time for dinner.  That means we understand both the needs of the individual owner-pilot and the stresses of corporate operations.  We encounter similar conditions, similar challenges and understand the real-world strengths and weaknesses of the aircraft we fly.  Because of this experience, we choose to use our research and engineering resources to back up those real-world challenges with solid solutions.

Our company is deeply involved in the aviation industry and is driven by what pilots, owners and corporate operators think and need.  We talk to them, they talk to us.  Since we are pilots, owners and corporate operators ourselves, we speak the same language.

We listen.


At Malibu Aerospace, research is at the core of everything we do.  It starts between the ears of our engineers and progresses into our state-of-the-art software systems, then out into the real world for testing.

As an example, our engineers examined and analyzed dozens of existing engine mounts, cross-checking the data using two fundamentally different Finite Element Analysis programs to determine the stress factors.  During the analysis, we discovered that the stock engine mounts were likely to fail between 2,000 and 2,500 hours, regardless of when they were last overhauled.  We used this information to design and deliver a new mount that is expected to last the life of the airplane.  We believe that the more research we do, the better our solutions will be.  Time invested in research pays off in a more efficient design process and ultimately, lower costs and higher reliability.
If you are looking for a company to conduct a thorough, disciplined research program for a specific component or an entire certification project, we'd like to talk with you.


At our core, we are a small company with significant engineering resources available as needed like Uni-Systems, which designs, builds, installs and maintains everything from manufacturing and maintenance systems for the Boeing 777 to retractable stadium roofs.
We use the robust design, engineering and project-management power of Uni-Systems as well as our network of FAA Designated Engineering Representatives to augment our engineering staff as needed, while staying small, agile and efficient.  Our DERs are among the most experienced in the industry and share our passion for excellence through research and design.

We design and engineer solutions that work under real-world conditions.  We'd like to engineer a solution for you.


We fly hundreds of hours each year, testing our designs and gathering data.  For every hour we fly, we spend dozens more on the ground designing new tests, utilizing our software to predict performance and reviewing the data.  Our approach is disciplined, thorough and detailed. Malibu Aerospace has designed and developed a custom Data Acquisition system that allows us to monitor hundreds of parameters in flight.  After each test flight, our engineers have instant access to the data they need to evaluate the performance, along with hundreds of hours of historical data to measure improvements under real-world conditions.  If you have a development program under consideration, we want to work with you.  Our engineers and project managers work hard to turn great ideas into reality – quickly and cost-effectively.


Malibu Aerospace knows that ideas, expertise and engineering are useless unless we deliver for our partners, on time and on budget.

Our team is committed to listening, learning and understanding your needs.  As your partner, we work with you and for you.  We have the research and engineering resources to back up our commitments – to deliver solutions.

Contact us for more information.