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Malibu M-5 STC

Our popular Malibu M-5 STC features a TCM TSIO-550-C engine, a Hartzell 3-Blade Composite Propeller and our M-1 cooling mod.  In a nutshell, the M-5 will allow your aircraft to takeoff and climb faster.  The 40% thrust increase on takeoff and 15% increase during climb mean your Malibu will reach altitude in less time.  The M-5’s cooling mod lowers CHTs between 20° to 40°F and oil temperatures between 10° to 20°F, with no drag penalty and is exceptionally smooth and quiet.  The M-5 can provide higher cruise speeds and better fuel efficiency with exceptionally smooth operations.
Hartzell’s Kevlar–epoxy blades were initially developed for the regional airline market and since Kevlar is used for bullet-proof vests, you know it’s tough.  As a result, this propeller offers the highest overhaul interval of any propeller available for the Malibu/Mirage (6-years/2400 flight hours.)  Another attractive feature of the Hartzell 3-blade composite prop is just that – attractive.  We think this 3-blade prop gives any Malibu an aggressive, powerful appearance.  You be the judge!

The real shining point is the M-5 Malibu's performance.  Take-off ground roll distances are reduced up to 25% and the distances to clear a 50-foot obstacle are reduced by as much as 11%.  Cabin noise and vibration are drastically reduced as well, providing a more comfortable overall flight experience.  All of this is achieved with minimal additional weight.  It's time you upgrade your plane with the best engine and propeller combination available.

The M5 Package Includes:

  • New or Factory Remanufactured TSIO-550-C Engine
  • Factory New Three-blade Composite Propeller
  • The only propeller available with additional lightning protection
  • New Polished Spinner & Backing Plate
  • New De-Ice Kit
  • Engine Cooling Kit
  • 1 year/1000 hour warranty  

Call now to place your order!  (Limited Time Only)

Typical lead times are 4-6 weeks for a factory remanufactured engine and 10-12 weeks for a new propeller and complete engine, propeller & cooling mod installation time is approximately 96 hours.(some additional work may be necessary, as required by your mechanic)

Contact Malibu Aerospace for more details regarding the Malibu M-5.